Posted 12 hours ago

My greatest of apologies

Me and my admin, the one who helps review, have been excessively busy as of late. We’re planning, and hoping, that we’ll be able to review everyone’s applications this coming Thursday.

Posted 2 days ago

Win VIP Membership for 2 extra months!

Since May will be our first anniversary (and me and another admin’s birthday), all regular members will receive free VIP Membership for the whole month. That being said, it would seem as if attending Saturday Games / Games would be pointless since you’re getting VIP Membership for the next month anyways, right? WRONG! Though all regular members are getting VIP Membrship next month, Games hosted during this month /will/ be counted into May and we will be hosting Games in May as well. Since that’s two months worth of Games being played that’s two extra months for VIP Membership to the one who earns the most points!

For more information on how to earn points in specific games, check here. For other ways on how to earn points and to see who’s winning so far, go here.

Posted 4 days ago

This coming Friday there will be changes to general Saturday Game info.

For now, all admins are eligible to hold a Saturday Game at any time for any reason so long as there are enough players and they had announced it days ahead. Any admin holding a game must record the points under the conditions in which the participants are rewarded. All points earned during Saturday Games that are not held on Saturday will be counted in the race for Month-long VIP Membership.

Any admin who wishes to do this must double-check with me, at least the day before the game, to make sure they have the information they need in order to host the game. Contact can be through our forum or our tumblr.

Posted 5 days ago

Important Announcement

Some of you may have noticed but any minecraft version above 1.7.5 doesn’t work with our server. Only 1.7.2 to 1.7.5 works. Our information has been updated to reflect that.

Posted 5 days ago


You’re application has been declined. You’re still going to be whitelisted to the server but only as a guest for the rest of the month (you are not allowed to build or destroy on our server). You can re-apply to become a permanent member but please keep the following in mind when resubmitting:

Blood Color: You did not include a hex code for your character’s specific blood color.

Interests: What about climbing does he like so much?

Personality: His personality is way too short and is lacking negative aspects; the one he currently has is common, overused, and isn’t counted as a negative aspect due to these reasons.

Description: Being friendly is not a description but is part of his personality. Your description is way too short and doesn’t contain any details. We need more than just what his hair looks like. Trolls have horns, clothes, teeth, symbols, etc.

Posted 5 days ago

Happy 4/13!

We’re going to be re-hosting the photo op, due to the fact that few showed up (probably because we didn’t it announce it on the tumblr).

Posted 1 week ago
Um, Hello! You didn't put this on the forums (or at least that's what I think), but can we have our own Nether Portal?
ninjabunnydance asked

You can build and activate one for the sake of obtaining one of the Achievements but you’ll have to tear it down once you do. The only portals that should be available for using should be the main portals in each city. As of right now, we only have one in Nouva City but that one is free to use at any time.

Posted 1 week ago

That’s all right, things happen. If you do end up being inactive for the rest of the month, and if you haven’t gotten on earlier this month, you’ll be removed from the whitelist for inactivity. However you can easily ask to be put back on it. So there’s really no worry for you.

Posted 1 week ago


You have been declined again for these reasons:

  • -we have repeatedly told you that names need to be six letters, both first and last
  • -personality is way too short and way too nice. There needs to be a balance of good and bad aspects in her personality.
  • -You can not wear a colored shirt other than black and you can not use a symbol that is canon. “Hunts Things From Hoofbeasts to Oinkbeasts” is not a description of your character, it goes with the ‘hunting’ part of your interests.

PLEASE read our guidelines. Here’s a link: read them. You are allowed to hand in one more application and it can only be a troll that you tried to submit already. Pick one troll and work on it. Submitting a bunch of different trolls without even working on them will not get you in.
Failure to comply will result in your banning from the server.

Posted 1 week ago

Looking to commission someone for custom music for our resource pack


Contact us for more information if you’re interested.