Posted 16 hours ago

Guest List Event Schedule has been added!

This is what guests should expect if they sign up for our Coming of the Pumpkin Beast Event:

Posted 2 days ago

Stream is over!

The song will be released here on tumblr within three days, as will the next resource pack update.

Posted 2 days ago

Let the stream for our new song begin:

Posted 2 days ago

Screenshot from “Fate and Regrets: The Queens Visit

Posted 3 days ago


Another art cover for another track in our resource pack. The track will be posted like Cristallum but it’ll be released in December so we have a few months before that happens.

Posted 3 days ago

Want to be a guest on our server for our Coming of the Pumpkin Beast event?

Coming of the Pumpkin Beast Lasts all of October. To join as a guest to our server (that is being whitelisted but not a full member), see here:

Posted 6 days ago

Just a reminder:

This Saturday a livestream of our newest song in the making, Tea and Scones, will be hosted by our beloved musician and friend, Kenji-B at 4pm EDT! There is a live count down on our website that can only be accessed if you join.

The song’s official release for our resource pack will be October 1st. Look forward to it, y’all!

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We have an ask box, you know. It’s hard to answer submissions without having to take a screenshot of them.

The answer is no because you’re not resubmitting- you’re adding your character to the website so that people can see it. By adding your character’s profile (with the new updated form) you can easily go back and change the information whenever it needs to be updated. The profile is placed in pending characters simply because some people don’t listen to directions and try submitting the old profile or don’t use the provided coding for the new one.

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It’s not dead. You need to remember that people have lives outside the server, which includes school and work. This is one of our months that we just kick back and relax as we prepare for another month of events.

If you want to role play with someone on the server you can always join our skype group and ask people there if they’d like to get on.

Also make sure that you have joined our website (and submitted your character with the new profile form) so you won’t be removed from the whitelist.

Posted 1 week ago

Images from our last role play event, Fate and Regrets - The Queen’s Visit.